Meet Santa’s Little Friend.

Hello boys and girls and Merry Christmas! I love all of you, you are so important to me. I thought I would share a letter with you from my little friend “Goof Off The Wannabe Reindeer.” 

Dear Santa Clause, I love you! My name is Goof Off The Wannabe Reindeer. I was born on Christmas Eve and because I goof off a lot and I want to be like Rudolph, my parents call me Goof Off the Wannabe Reindeer.

I love Rudolph, so I wear candy cane antlers! My dad fixed a headband and attached candy canes to the head band and gave me a fake red nose so that I can look like Rudolph! I practice Christmas songs all day long. I like “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night Holy Night” and, well – I like them all! I practice jumping really high, so maybe some Christmas Eve you will let me help Rudolph guide your Christmas sleigh.

Santa Clause, all my little barn yard friends would like to ride in your sleigh too, so if you are unable to let me guide your sleigh with Rudolph, maybe you will let my little friends ride with you.

I love you, Santa!




Goof Off The Wannabe Reindeer

Boys and girls, isn’t Goof Off a very loving Christmas goat? Here he tells me that he wants to help Rudolph on Christmas Eve, but if he can’t do that, then he wants his friends to ride in my Christmas sleigh.

Little girls and boys, that is what Christmas is all about: loving others, giving to others and placing others first. Is there someone in your family or in your neighborhood that needs you to show kindness to them for Christmas?

Let’s share the Christmas Spirit all year-round and love our family and neighbors.

May you have a wonderful Christmas!