These are the children who sang the song “Goof Off The Wannabe Reindeer”. They are great kids – they love to sing, they love to dance, and they love Goof Off.

They think Goof Off is the cutest little goat that they have ever seen. They know Goof Off loves Christmas and Christmas songs, and that he also loves Rudolph the Reindeer who guides Santa’s sleigh at Christmas time.

The Goof Off kids love to ride bikes, eat pizza and climb. In fact, if you look closely in the background of the photo, you can see part of a rock wall that they like to climb. It is right there in their living room…WOW! This rock-climbing wall goes real high…and Goof Off jumps real high in the sky too!

The Goof Off kids love Christmas and they know that Christmas is about giving, sharing love to others, and sharing the spirit of love – the spirit of Christmas – all year round.

Goof Off so enjoyed singing with the Goof Off kids on this song, and he thanks them from the bottom of his little goat heart.